Outside of Op de Kop there are more places to do acrobatics in Utrecht.

We do not organise all of these but all of them are a lot of fun.


  • Location: Vlampijpstraat 80
  • Time: 14:00 - 17:00
  • Costs: €5
  • Contact: sunday@op-de-kop.nl

Partner-acrobatic association 'Op de Kop' offers a weekly indoor open jam on Sunday. Spread the word and bring your friends, all levels are welcome!

Location and entry:

Location is at a walking distance from Zuilen station, and parking is free in the area around the venue: Vlampijpstraat 80, Utrecht. See the map on the front page.

If you are in front of the gate either climb over it and enter the door on the left, or ring the organizer to open the gate: +316 288 574 28

Payment: Entry is €5 per person. If you are doing a course with Op de Kop you can join for free. Paying can be done in cash, or (preferably) through a payment request.


Space is limited to 15 people. We'd appreciate it you let us know when you're joining so we know how many people will be there. If this training becomes more popular we'll investigate a registration system 🙂.


There are thick puzzle mats available, and the ceiling is high enough to do standing tricks.


  • Location: 't Goylaan 77
  • Time: 20:00 - 22:00
  • Costs: €3 per keer
  • Contact: monday@op-de-kop.nl

Every monday there is an open AcroYoga jam in Hoograven.

The room is high enough for L-basing. There is limited height for standing acrobatics.

Usually there is a warm-up together, and then everyone is just jamming.

Registration is not required, but sending an e-mail before you come for the first time is appreciated :)


  • Location: Deken Roesstraat 2G
  • Time: 20:00 - 22:00
  • Costs: €5 per keer

Every Thursday there's an open circus training organized by a group of jugglers.

Registration is not required.